Peter and Alexandra

I would like to thank you for the first class services and construction of our new home in Pefki.

Before construction I lived mainly in England. I was afraid to hire a contract builder to build us our new house, since the work on the previous house we built in Glyfada was not according to what we agreed and before the end of the construction the cost almost doubled. For this reason, when we found the KOFINAS company, we were relieved.

In my very first visit to the company, I felt safe and confident that I made the right choice. This was confirmed by my impeccable service.

  1. The plan of my house (from a piece of paper) was turned into a professional photo-realism, processed by a computer, showing me the actual dimensions and the image of my residence, completed.
  2. Mr. Kofinas spent time and patience in suggesting changes and improvements to the design of the house, the choice of color for the tiles, the choice of kitchen and sanitary ware.
  3. Mr. Kofinas gave me an offer based on the agreed plan and clearly pointed out what would burden me financially. What he said was followed until the construction was completed.
  4. He also put me in touch with an engineer, who guided us and we got the building permit.
  5. He built a fantastic residence in just four weeks, which is second to none.

Our house has now been completed for two years and is as good as the day it was finished. On the way to our house in Pefki, we pass advertising signs of the Kofinas company. We both thank Mr. Kofina every time we pass them.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ko Kofina and am happy to speak directly to potential clients if needed.

Thanks again, best wishes,
Peter and Alexandra

This testimonial is a translation of the original English note as it is shown here