Why Finnlamelli Wooden House – Advantages

• Exclusive technology

• Exclusive use of anti-stick timber

At the company "Kofinas" we do not negotiate on quality. This is why we use exclusively non-stick Finnish logs in all our constructions, from smallest to largest. These trunks are manufactured by the oldest and most experienced factory in Europe (Finnlamelli).

The raw material is collected at the borders of the Arctic Circle, where the cold climatic conditions that develop result in the creation of particularly hard and solid wood, with a high specific weight and great mechanical resistance to crushing and bending.

By gluing, these natural properties of the wood are further strengthened and the timber for the construction of your new home from the company "Kofinas" clearly advantaged compared to conventional solid wood.

• Top partner factory

The Finnlamelli factory with which the "Kofinas" company cooperates is the older and more experienced residential timber processing plant in Europe. It is essentially the factory which introduced the technology of bonding at the market. The non-stick logs it produces have no chemical additives and the glues used are ecological and certified suitable for residential use.

• Guarantee of Quality and static adequacy of timber

The cooperating factory of the "Kofinas" company, due to the modern technology applied in the construction of the logs, can guarantee for the static adequacy of the timber and the stress resistance, but also for her resistance to aging.
The logs are very carefully selected to meet these criteria and the gluing method is applied with the main aim of enhancement of the already excellent physical characteristics of wood.

• Masonry quality

The wooden Finnish houses we build are fully in line with the Finnish code materials and construction, which guarantees the best possible result.

The excellent raw materials combined with the most technologically advanced manufacturing methods of the "Kofinas" company, result in masonry of unsurpassed quality, which with a wide range of cross-sections for each type can meet the energy requirements of any area, since we are able to offer it best possible moisture-thermal-sound insulation, reaching up to 0.23W/m2K.

• German Frames

All the frames of the wooden Finnish houses made by the company "Kofinas" are of German origin.

The German frames are from top frames worldwide and are characterized by excellent resistance to time, excellent moisture/thermal/sound insulation, absolute functionality and the most modern technology, which is why we are able to offer PVC frames equipped with double or triple glazing with argon gas, which can reduce the factor thermal conductivity U up to 0.60 W/m2K.

Click here to see samples of frames we use in our homes.

The company "Kofinas" can recommend you plenty of options in order to improve it energy efficiency of your new home, which has not only an ecological impact, but also reduces costs of the household, since you pay less for heating, water and electricity.

In addition, the wood we use has the best possible coefficient of thermal conductivity for timber for building houses (λ=0.12), while the same applies to the Rehau company frames that we have chosen for our constructions.

• Green Banking Portal from Piraeus Bank

The Kofinas company, meeting the environmental, social and financial criteria, became a member of green entrepreneurship in the Green Banking Portal of Piraeus Bank. Piraeus Bank created this space in which businesses and investors interact that are demonstrably related to "Green Entrepreneurship" and more specifically with activities such as:

  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Energy saving
  • Alternative Waste and Water Management
  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Transportation
  • Biological Georgia
  • Ecotourism - Agritourism

• Experimental endurance research at the National Technical University of Athens

The company "Kofinas" does not stand only in the theoretical study, but goes even further and invests in experimental research in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens! In 2009, the response of the company's structural system against seismic action is checked with the use of the NTUA seismic simulator, with impressive results which confirm the quality of our constructions.

In 2011 we go even further and a new experiment takes place with an even more complex construction but with equally impressive results!

• Health and Ecology

All the materials we use in the Kofinas company for the construction of our homes are selected so that do not burden your health in the least and have the least possible burden on the environment. That's why our wood is not impregnated with chemicals, Knauf plasterboards are made of natural gypsum and have undergone biological control by an international body, and the glues are certified suitable for residential use.

We believe that the natural solution is also the best solution and we absolutely apply this to every house we build.

In addition, the cooperating Finnish factory, fully respecting the natural environment, for every tree it cuts plants three new seedlings.

• Fire protection

In wooden Finnish houses, the risk of fire is no greater than in a conventional house. In Laboratory tests carried out in Finland (Technical Research Center of Finland – VTT) and in Europe, by public and private bodies, it has been shown that this wood cannot ignite easily because it is poor heat conductor and its characteristics make it so slow-burning.

The wooden houses manufactured by the Kofinas company have an advantage over a reinforced concrete building.

The concrete building due to the temperature that develops in the event of a fire, it suffers irreparable damages in its structure, since its armament is destroyed. This destruction starts as early as 250 °C, while at 400 °C the strength is already reduced by half. Due to the thermal conductivity of the construction, these high temperatures are directly transferred to all areas of the house, which, combined with the toxic fumes produced, endangers the residents and makes it difficult for them to escape.

On the contrary, a wooden house it takes no general damage but only local. The flame is created at 270 °C and starts on its outer surface, creating a layer of carbon, which up to 500 °C protects the rest of the wood. The parts of the house that are damaged by the fire, we either clean them or replace them, and the static adequacy of the building is the same as it was before the fire. In addition, it is a very poor conductor of heat and thus does not endanger the other areas of the house, allowing the inhabitants to escape easily. Also, no dangerous gases are produced during its combustion.

• Seismicity

The non-stick logs we use are precisely manufactured in the cooperating factory according to the requirements of each customer, using computers which minimize errors. Then, the construction of the residence is completed with the many years of experience of the "Kofinas" company. Thus, the houses we deliver are strongly "tied" statically and are substantial fully anti-seismic, unlike a conventional concrete house.

• Possibility of choosing a stage of delivery

Every house built by the company "KOFINAS" can be delivered to the customer at any stage he wishes:

Kit Stadium
Stage 1

This is a particularly advantageous solution for the customer, since it gives the possibility to reduce housing costs. You can receive the house in an unfinished form and with instructions for the rest of the work required, as well as the suggestion of specialized workshops and a responsible foreman, so that you can complete it!

• Kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes free in meters

You can choose between many kitchen designs and colors to furnish your home according to your personal taste!

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• Numerous certifications

The company "Kofinas" is certified by Greek and international agencies for all the materials it uses as well as for its construction.

In this way, the our consistent quality and reliability, which characterizes every "Kofina" construction from 1977 until today.

Click on the badge to confirm our company's registered DUNS corporate profile which is an international certificate of reliability, as well as other certificates such as FSC CoC and ISO 14001 which certify that the KOFINAS company respects its customers as well as the environment.

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• We build houses throughout Greece and abroad

We can build your new home in every region of Greece.

You can come in contact with the company "Kofinas" or with our local representatives for more information.

• We can implement any plan

The specialized staff of the "Kofinas" company can study and implement any housing plan, either with the help of ready-made plans that you will provide or simply with your own guidance so that we can prepare the plans. There is no limitation and so we can respond to every need and satisfy your requirements!

Alternatively you can choose a proposal from our catalog and use it as it is or intervene according to your needs.

• Cooperating companies

We work with bigger, better and more reliable companies so that they meet the manufacturing standards set by our company.

• Many years of experience with a completely successful course

Since 1977 we have been experimentally researching and developing wooden constructions, improving our know-how. We are therefore able to offer you perfect and reliable solutions and we do not rest, but continue upward with continuous technological research and experimental studies.

The satisfaction of our customers proves it consistently successful course us and the reliability that characterizes the name "Kofinas"!

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