Material Certificates of Finnish Housing

The KOFINAS company, cooperating with many Finnish groups, lists all the material certificates of Finnish houses for you to know first hand why they stand out and why you should prefer them.

Our company "KOFINAS - Wooden Finnish Houses", through her many years of experience, which she has methodically gathered from 1977, constantly studies and invests with its qualified human resources for the optimal construction of your wooden house.

The Kofinas company can offer you the more technologically advanced solutions for the construction of your new wooden house, cooperating with one of the strongest Finnish groups (Finnlamelli).

Non-glued Finnish Wood: The quality of the Finnish timber used by KOFINAS – Wooden Finnish Houses is top quality with coefficient of thermal conductivity λ=0.12 W/mK. At the limits of the Arctic circle, where the sorting takes place, the cold climatic conditions that develop result in the creation of particularly hard and solid wood, with a high specific weight and great mechanical resistance to crushing and bending. The trees there grow slowly and each tree that is cut has an age of 80 to 120 years. Certified factory processing wood gluer, ensures protection from moisture and prevents cracking and warping of the log, while offering top levels of thermal insulation in homes.

ThermoLog: Finnlamelli's exclusive technology offers 25% better thermal insulation than conventional timber species, increased resistance to aging using resin-free Lunawood thermal wood and improved stability in construction.

ThermoFloor: Finnlamelli non-stick wooden floors offer totally comfortable feeling. They are characterized by high quality construction and are very easy and quick to install. They accept all types of finishing, such as coloring, waxing, etc.

ThermoWall: Finnlamelli's non-stick wooden wall panels are one top solution for your home investment. Like most Finnlamelli solutions, they can be finished in any way the buyer wishes.

Log: Finnlamelli's non-stick logs are made exclusively from extremely solid timber high quality arctic circle, which is carefully optimized during production.

As a result, the non-stick logs we use they do not deform or crack and are characterized by high manufacturing precision.

AirLock: Finnlamelli's patented and tested system with specially designed notches guarantees improved by 50% insulation in the corners of the timber, thus improving even more the thermal insulation and tightness of your new house.

Profin frames: All the frames of the wooden Finnish houses we make are manufactured in the factory of the Finnish company Profin. The company Profin is one of them leading frame manufacturers worldwide and their products are characterized by excellent resistance to time, excellent thermal/sound insulation, absolute functionality and the most modern technology, which is why we are able to offer wooden frames equipped with double or triple glazing with argon gas, which can reduce the heat transfer coefficient U up to 0.60 W/m2K.

The construction stages of your new home are fully in line with the Finnish material and construction code, which guarantees the best possible result.

In the first phase, the natural trunks of the trees are cut into beams and choosing only those whose natural tendency makes them stronger.

The timber is transported to the factory and stored in dryer. As long as the appropriate humidity on the logs (12% – 14%), which certifies the future quality and sustainability of the wood, the LAMINATE treatment (laminated timber) begins. This means that two to six logs are joined together by automated systems so that their heart is the one that will be on the outside of the composite log.

This processing, which is ideal for the climate of Greece, results in the strengthening of both thermal and sound insulation, as well as her mechanical strength of wood.

In case an even longer trunk is needed, it is also carried out horizontal welding with the bigger and more modern engine of Europe.

Each non-stick log laboratory tested to extreme temperature changes and aging to verify its excellent quality and ensure its durability and longevity.

Then, according to the plan of the house under construction, which has been created based on personal choices of each customer and according to his particular taste, the appropriate cross-section of the non-stick logs is selected and the details of the construction of the house are perfected.

The entire residence is designed and structurally analyzed in computers with zero deviation, using them more sophisticated software solutions. In this way, even the smallest detail is solved statically and constructively, since the factory's machines will automatically shape the timbers of the construction one by one through the program. In this way the case of miscalculation is eliminated, which could lead to poor fit and manufacturing defects.

Then the composite trunks are cut in detail, via computers, are planed and then carved to arrive at their final profile for each Finnish home.

The now ready materials are packed and transported to the Kofinas company, which in turn will undertake to carry out the work since 1977 it satisfies even the most demanding customer!