with laminate Finnish logs

Double masonry
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Double reinforced masonry


(the smaller U value of your climate zone (area) is, the better insulation is needed)

Finnish laminate masonry

We use only Finnish laminate timber which does not crack and has improved fire-resistance. It has the right percentage of humidity (12%-14%), since it is processed in a drier. It is the best choice as a building material for your new house.

Connection cable

Metal galvanized bolts, screwed through the masonry, which they augment by their mechanical characteristics and strength. They offer improved assembly to the wooden masonry, tightening the logs in between them.

Tightening wedges

It acts as a link between the logs but also as reinforcement. Made by wood of equal quality to the masonry, it results in further improvement of the construction against load cause by horizontal forces.

Metal bracket

Using these metal brackets, the construction is firmly connected to the reinforced concrete base. This way, we have a “tight” construction with improved mechanical strength and better antiseismic behavior.

Asphalt membrane

These are waterproofing sheets, placed at the bottom of each wooden masonry element. They protect the logs from wear that could occur from possible moisture cumulation on the concrete base.

Self adhesive water insulating tape

It is applied on each log twice, improving the water-proofing of the construction and offering excellent insulation to your new house.

Corner connection insulating material

At the corners where the beams are crossed, we apply an insulating material which offers great thermo and water insulation to the construction, improving the energy characteristics of the house.