Wooden Buildings: Simulation, Design and Challenges

Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia

On Wednesday 11-11-20 a lecture on wooden buildings was held at the University of Thessaly by the Polytechnic School of the Department of Civil Engineering with a lecturer Professor Stamopoulos Haris (Civil Engineer). This lecture was held through an online platform due to the pandemic facing our time. The company KOFINAS took part in the lecture, with its representatives, Mr. Kofinas Michalis and Kofinas Konstantinos.

IMAGE 1: From the lecture on wooden buildings

In this lecture, placements were made for wood, wooden building systems and tall wooden buildings, the marginal failure state, the simulation, the challenges that can be addressed, such as seismic design, wind speed and deformation as well as the WOODSOL and DYNATT research programs.

IMAGE 2: From the lecture on wooden buildings

Below you can see the research from the lecture of Professor Stamopoulos Haris (Graduated civil engineer). GR Version