Rehau RE.GUARD smart water control system

The company KOFINAS SA innovates one more time. So increases the security of your new home with the new Rehau security system. The RE.GUARD. The RE.GUARD device is a water supply control system. It is intended for installation in the drinking water supply network. The system monitors the installation of drinking water on a permanent basis through installed pressure and temperature flow sensors in the installation area. After exceeding predetermined limit values, the RE.GUARD system interrupts the supply to the piping through a built-in, motorized ball valve. It then displays and sends a warning message wirelessly.

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Individual components of the system are the RE.GUARD water detector. The RE.GUARD water detector is a sensor that detects and reports leaks even faster. In addition, the ambient temperature is measured and in case of frost a warning is provided. With this detector it is possible to protect any area that we think may be leaking (such as in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

Kofinas-prokataskeuasmena-villa-prasini domisi-spiti oneirwn-khpos-pisina design new home kofinas

Finally, the control system for its complete control consists of a RE.HUB gate device. With this device, the parameters are checked and adjusted, the connection to the Z-wave network, coupling of further components, change of marginal values, access of historical data and so on.

KOFINAS company gives you the option to install this system to upgrade the security of your home. As it allows you to make your home smarthome. After all, you can control everything through your mobile phone.