Kofinas-prokataskeuasmena-villa-prasini domisi-spiti oneirwn-khpos-pisina design new home kofinas
Kofinas-prokataskeuasmena-villa-prasini domisi-spiti oneirwn-khpos-pisina design new home kofinas-peirama 2009`

Dating back in 1977, launches the research of our company, by bringing a constant evolution throughout the years and creating the new generation of prefabricated houses.

Our prefabricated series is the result of a continuous alertness and technological evolution of our company. All the elements of innovative methods used for construction, are certified not only by international organizations but also by our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our experimental trials are a landmark, certifying the robustness of our residences. Always looking into the energy efficiency of the constructions, we use Swedish timber as our main construction material, making the houses completely ecological, since the replacement of contemporary materials with wood, reduces by several tons per square meter, the emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Further to this, our company works only with timber factories that have the replanting of trees as a main principle, actually giving a negative carbon footprint.

The bioclimatic design of the houses, combined with the thermal transmittance factor of “Kofinas” pioneering masonry, achieve a reduction of energy consumption by 75% - 80%, when compared to conventional masonry, which justifies the reason why houses built by our company have already been qualified as class “A” energy consumption constructions, and also receive international recognition!