Cost and profits

Passive house price

An indicative cost of a 100 sq.m. passive house is 10 % larger than a standard house of our company. This extra cost is negligible, taking into consideration the annual passive house energy savings.

What benefits can someone have from the implementation of a passive house?

The benefits are numerous – there are great energy savings, which translate into reduced costs. The improved quality of life is another advantage, since constant temperature conditions and the constant renewal of the atmosphere have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of residents. Finally, the house is easier to live in, since it does not require for the residents to continually intervene for the cooling, the heating and the ventilation of the house.

In the following chart we can see an energy balance of such a house in chart form:

Ετήσια κέρδη και απώλειες θερμότητας ανά τύπο σπιτιού

And what does this prectically mean?

Οικονομικά οφέλη παθητικής καροικίας

It is therefore obvious that a passive construction, is able to enormously reduce the usage costs of a house, since – practically – it requires no energy for cooling and heating.