KOFINAS SA Prefabricated Houses

KOFINAS SA Prefabricated Houses

Welcome Home! A wish that we can make it happen by working on it since 1977.

For over 40 decades, the top company in the field of prefabricated houses, leads you to your own choice in due time and cost friendly. Our main philosophy involves constructions in which people develop a warm and balanced coexistence in accordance with the natural environment. A prefabricated house which is designed according to modern architectural trends, comfortable and functional spaces, with the usage of eco materials, is an indisputably worthwhile choice in only in few square meters.

KOFINAS S.A. provides an ideal residence appealing to your own dream home serving your personal or family accommodating needs for a summer or main residence. Our wide variety of prefabricated designs creates endless potentials of space arrangements. KOFINAS S.A. also includes series of log houses with highly durable and low energy consumption.

KOFINAS SA Prefabricated Houses

Our goal is not to make more, but to make better houses!

KOFINAS S.A. company has been constantly innovating by introducing new and certified elements in the field of house construction, all acknowledged by the National Technical University of Athens, where the unique building system of KOFINAS has been tested for durability beyond any natural endurance limit. As a result, we have achieved to maintain a number of hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the years.

As part of global evolution, the company has also focused on energy sectors of construction.

Zero infection footprint

The ecological footprint is a measure of the effects of human activities on Earth, as it determines the measure of both human needs and consumerism that society depends on , as well as the waste and gases produced by the greenhouse effect. For this reason, the design and construction of KOFINAS S.A. modern factory premises, serves the purpose of contributing to eco friendly industrial unit, aiming at zero environmental pollution along with zero waste in the production of masonry.

Throughout machinery, the successful utility of solid wood waste of masonry production is later recycled into pellet wood, which is then shared with KOFINAS' staff.