Masonry Construction in the Prefabricated Houses of KOFINAS

How is a KOFINAS house built?

What are the building tools we use in every construction of our company? 

After 44 years of experience and progress in the field of construction of prefabricated houses, in the company KOFINAS we have identified the appropriate methods and the highest quality technological materials that give the best result for the prefabricated houses of our customers.

At the same time, seeking to maintain a high level of our know-how, we continuously continue the research and studies of our company, in order to continuously evolve and meet the advanced requirements of our time in the field of Prefabricated House.

Below, we will analyze in detail all the technological means we use, as well as the construction processes that we apply in each prefabricated house of the company KOFINAS, in order to always provide the best.

How to build a Prefabricated House KOFINAS?

In the process of construction of a Prefabricated House of the company KOFINAS, a key role is played by the selection and correct selection of raw materials that will constitute the structural elements of the house.

The continuous production of masonry of the company KOFINAS, from the beginning of the operation of our company, gives us the advantage to be able to import large quantities of tested and suitable building materials.

Thus, with the mass import for the purposes of the company, significantly better prices are achieved and so we are able to buy and utilize the “expensive” (for the Greek construction data) building materials which are, of course, the highest quality in the world. market and scale.

Masonry timber 

The basic building element of the prefabricated houses KOFINAS and specifically the dominant material of our masonry is wood.

The choice of wood contributes to the complete seismic shielding of the building due to the total weight and durability of the wood, but also to the ecological behavior since the use of natural material.

The wood that we use in the company KOFINAS, for the masonry of our prefabricated houses:

  • comes from Northern Europe and specifically Sweden.
  • is specially certified for its suitability as a basic masonry material.
  • is perfectly compact contributing to a particularly dense frame and to the maximum mechanical strength of the entire masonry.
  • This is pine wood, known for its resistance to moisture and its harmful effects on both humans and homes.
  • has been dried in a dryer, which means that the wood has already been baked for weeks and is disinfected only in a natural way and not chemically (like green wood), while as a result the humidity reaches the ideal – minimum level of 15-16% , for the construction of any prefabricated house.
  • has an ecological character, since it comes from a completely renewable and natural source
  • is biological, as it has not received any chemical or other toxic substances, providing the ideal conditions for healthy and safe living.
  • is planed, which means that all surfaces are perfectly flat and smooth, and which in combination with the professional factory connection that takes place in the state-of-the-art factory space of KOFINAS, achieve perfect fitting and zero joints in all components of the prefabricated house.
  • This is Class C24 timber: which means that it has very high mechanical strength, showing up to 80% higher load-bearing capacity than ordinary building timber.
  • goes through detailed stages of control and sorting, the beams are separated and examined by radiograph, while at the same time all their elements (size, length, etc.) are recorded.

Exterior Masonry

After countless tests, technical and quality controls on the materials we use for the construction of prefabricated houses KOFINAS, we are confident that the latest generation of Kofinas masonry is the top choice based on the latest and most modern developments in the field of construction.

KOFINAS masonry is the most reliable choice regarding the passive energy construction ECO energy, through which a reduction of energy consumption up to 75% -80% is achieved in relation to a conventional masonry.

The company KOFINAS Prefabricated Houses, remaining active in its field of activity with continuous developments and innovations, goes one step further in the field of masonry, thoroughly controlling each of its constructions for its quality, through scientific experiments in collaboration with the National Technical University!

KOFINAS exterior masonry, for the most successful and quality result, is characterized by:

  • Quality wood, as discussed above
  • Knauf plasterboard, made according to German standards and certified for biological testing of natural gypsum.
  • Waterproofing membrane for 100% protection from moisture and its impending damage
  • Natural mineral wool for complete thermal insulation protection, sound insulation and fire resistance, as a non-combustible material of category A1.
  • Canadian wood shielding, OSB and LP due to their enormous mechanical properties for strength and durability.
  • thermal facade with self-extinguishing and waterproof polystyrene for strength and elasticity against cracks and moisture.
  • certified swivels in the connection of parts of the masonry for optimal fitting with the possibility of easier control during the application.
  • metal angles for increased mechanical strength and maximum seismic behavior
  • waterproofing and protection against moisture through impregnated beam type USE-Class 3 for longer life and comfortable living conditions.
Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia
Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia


A basic condition for the optimal construction of a Passive House, is the correct and fully specialized construction and assembly of the roof, in order to ensure the maximum energy efficiency of an Eco Energy home.

The quality raw material, its specialized handling, the ventilation technology and the correct placement of every necessary material on the roof of the house, contribute to an excellent result with maximum insulating behavior, optimal strength and durability and reduced energy losses.

Choose the type of roof you want for your prefabricated Passive House between visible roof, invisible, with false ceiling or just a roof and we will apply the necessary construction procedures to provide your dream home with reduced energy and financial requirements.

Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia
Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia

Are you interested in building your own prefabricated house according to the best and highest quality specifications of the market?

The company “Kofinas” is certified by Greek and international agencies for all the materials it uses and for the manufacturing process that follows.

In this way, our constant quality and reliability is proven, which characterizes every construction of “Kofinas” from 1977 until today.

Contact us, and we will undertake to make the prefabricated house of your dreams come true.