Ground floor House I-129, total surface of 129,45 m², covered spaces 26,57 m².

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House Code I-129 Ground Plan

KOFINAS S.A suggests a single storey house of total capacity 129,45 m2, including Four Bedrooms, a Dining Room, a Living Room, a Kitchen, two Bathrooms, a Storage Room and a Workspace.


Single storey house I-129, total surface of 129,45 m²

The company Kofinas SA presents you a proposal of a ground floor house of 129,45 m² (Ground Floor House I-129) for the house of your dreams. The Kofinas company innovates without resting. It constantly introduces new elements in housing construction. Which are recognised and “certified“. Both by our hundreds of satisfied customers and by the National Technical University of Athens, where the unique building system of the company Kofinas was tested for its durability , exceeding every natural limit of strength.

The ground floor house I-129 with the use of Swedish timber as the main building material, makes the house fully ecological . Since in house construction the replacement of conventional building materials with wood reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 1.1 tonnes per cubic metre. All the more so when the company works with Swedish and Finnish timber factories, where for every tree that is cut down, three to five new ones are planted, producing a virtually negative carbon footprint.


Wood is for us the king of materials. The feeling created by living in such a prefabricated house is not explained, it is simply experienced. A house for you and your family to live in or a holiday home for your relaxation. We have a wide variety of prefabricated designs, ready to be adapted to any personal choices and requirements. In the Kofinas range you will also find options in wooden houses with high durability and low energy consumption. The possibilities for the layout of the rooms are endless. On top of that, the houses are designed in a way bioclimatic in order that, through openings, shading systems, orientation and mechanical equipment, the necessary indoor climate conditions are provided and energy is saved for heating, cooling and lighting. So the houses of the Kofinas company have already obtained energy performance certificates A!


Single-storey dwelling I-129.