Complex of 2-story + 1 story houses E-243, total surface of (90.42+75.56+77.85)= 243,83 m², covered areas 88.00 m² , balcony(house Α) 32.54 m²

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E-243 Mixed Complex - House A' Ground Plan

Mixed 1- 2 Storey Complex E-243

Kofinas S.A suggests a single and two storey house complex with a total capacity of 243,83 m², including Seven Bedrooms, Three Living Rooms, Three Kitchens and Six Bathrooms.

The E-243 A’ House Ground Floor amounts to 58,02 m². It consists of a Bedroom, a Living Room and a Bathroom.

E-243 Mixed Complex - House A' Floor Plan

The E-243 A’ House First Floor amounts to 32,40m². It consists of two Bedrooms, a Living Room, an angled Kitchen and a Bathroom.

E-243 Mixed Complex - House B' Ground Plan

The E-243 B’ House Ground Floor amounts to 75,56 m². It consists of Two Bedrooms, a Kitchen, a Living Room and Two Bathrooms.

E-243 Mixed Complex - House C' Ground Plan

The E-243 C’ House Ground Floor amounts to 75,56 m². It consists of Two separate buildings with different gates but joined with a covered space in between.

The first residence includes the Two Bedrooms and a Bathroom however the second house includes the Kitchen with a small Dining Area, the Living Room, the Bathroom and a small Storage Space.


Presentation of 2 story + 1 story complex houses E 243 KOFINAS SA

Presentation of TOURIST COMPLEX in 360º illustration

Kofinas S.A suggests this unique proposal of 243,83 m² as the constructive efficiency can literally transform this design into an ideal option.

Throughout the years and over 4 decades up to present, Kofinas has been standing as the leading company in the field of contemporary prefabricated houses. In this particular construction, you may encounter a Mix of both two and one storey building of total 243,83 m², as an ideal solution.

Made of Swedish Timber, the E-243 house Complex with a modern exterior and  a minimal interior, meets any personal taste. The exterior swimming pool in the front of the rooms, strikes a perfect match with the design.

Since wood is regarded as the king of all materials in the field of prefab construction, its predominant feeling (sensed by smell and texture), emits a sense of tranquility and relaxation by generating positive vibes, which play a significant role in the life of an individual.

The feeling of actually staying in such a place, cannot be explained for it is simply experienced.

In Kofinas series of prefabricated housing, there are several options of wooden constructions of both high durability which actually stand the test of time, along with low energy consumption.

With the use of Swedish wood as the main constructive and building material, the E-243 Complex is a fully ecological type of accomodation. In the field of building construction, the replacement of conventional building materials by the wooden ones, may literally reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere by 1.1.tons per cubic metre. Especially when companies cooperate with factories of both Swedish and Finnish timber, according to which, every tree being cut will be then replaced by three to five new ones, resulting in the production of a negative carbon footprint.

The innumerable potentials for landscaping make our designs efficient in terms of bioclimatic ways, with shading systems, orientation and mechanical equipment. In this way, provision of internal climatic conditions is successfully achieved by saving energy for heating, cooling and lighting purposes.

In general, the above mentioned factors may easily justify the fact that, Kofinas Houses are of incomparable quality by receiving certificates of A’Class Energy Efficiency.

Complex of 2-story+ 1 story houses E-243 .