One-storey wooden house with attic XIS-104, total surface of 104,00 m².

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Plan of Log house code ΧΙS-104

KOFINAS S.A. suggests a 1-story log house of a total capacity of 104.00 m², consisting of 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, 1 bathroom.

In attic: 1 bedroom.


One-storey wooden house with attic XIS-104, total surface of 104,00 m².

The company Kofinas SA presents you a proposal of a ground floor house with attic 104,00 m² (Ground floor house with attic XIS-104) for the house of your dreams. The Kofinas company innovates without resting. It constantly introduces new elements in housing construction. Which are recognised and “certified“. Both by our hundreds of satisfied customers and by the National Technical University of Athens, where the unique building system of the company Kofinas was tested for its durability , exceeding every natural limit of strength.

The quality of the Finnish timber that our company uses in its houses, i.e. small or large wooden houses, is the best in Europe.
At the limits of the Arctic Circle, where the sorting is done, the cold climatic conditions that prevail result in the creation of particularly hard and compact timber, with a high specific weight and high mechanical resistance to crushing and bending. Certified factory processing of the timber in Finland produces the glued logs.


This method ensures the protection of wooden houses from moisture and prevents cracking and warping of the trunk. Wood is a natural, living material, free of toxic substances. It is the best natural sound and heat insulating material (9 times better than concrete) and acts as a natural and biological regulator of relative humidity and temperature in the house. By choosing it as the basic building material for your Finnish home, you are choosing the healthiest way of living.

The wooden Finnish houses in Kofinas company are economical without concessions in quality and their total cost always depends on the size and your particular needs.


Single storey Finnish house with attic XIS-104