1-story suggestions KOFINAS

The designs on display are only suggestions. However, all plans can be modified in order to meet our customers’ demands. We also provide designs according to your own personal taste except for the already existing ones in our range. We can actually make your dream house come true.

KOFINAS S.A. company has been constantly innovating by introducing new and certified elements in the field of house construction, all acknowledged by the National Technical University of Athens, where the unique building system of KOFINAS has been tested for durability beyond any natural endurance limit. As a result, we have achieved to maintain hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the years.

1-story suggestions KOFINAS

As part of global evolution, the company has also focused on energy sectors of construction.

The use of both Swedish and Finnish timber as main constructive material results in a totally ecological type of residence since, the replacement of conventional building materials in house construction with wooden ones, reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide by 1.1 tons per cubic meter.

It is worth mentioning that KOFINAS S.A. is in cooperation with production units of Swedish and Finnish timber where cultivation of trees is fostered. This means that for each tree lumbered, another three ones are planted in replacement, by literally producing zero infection footprint.

1-story suggestions KOFINAS

Additionally, all houses are designed by using bioclimatic methods in order to provide the essential interior climate conditions by means of door and window openings, shading systems, structure orientation and mechanical equipment. Serious amount of energy is saved for heating, cooling and lighting

All the above mentioned, when combined with masonry  thermal envelop factor (which can even amount to 0.11 W/m²K and succeed reduction in energy consumption up to 75%-80% in relevance with conventional masonry), can justify the reason why KOFINAS houses have already received  A-energy class certificates! 

KOFINAS working team comprises of trustworthy co-operators and representatives, creating a strong sales network in both local market and international market.

As for the philosophy and quality of KOFINAS prefabricated houses, you can get a acquainted in the appropriately formed showrooms which function as learning centers for all schools or technical educational foundations.

1-story suggestions KOFINAS