Why choose a Flexyhome – Advantages

Why should I choose a ?

Because the is delivered ready – made factory painted and with all the frames installed!

Because the combines the factory construction technology and the certified quality of the raw materials of Kofinas SA with the ecological and green construction!

Because the offers you the ability to select yourself the delivery stage of the product (simple, basic or complete version)!

Because the , without any quality discounts, forms a very economical solution for the European market!



All the construction elements that have been highlighted after years of research and multiple experimental tests by Kofinas SA, are combined with the top, in terms of quality and durability, exterior cladding system: the .

The cladding has all the advantages of wood, like the easy installation and the insulation, without the disadvantages like the shape distortion, the moisture absorption and the wear of the edges.

Furthermore, the is produced by the Canadian factory of LP with a very durable color coating, which is applied in the factory according to your choise from the pallette of the company and requires no further treatment!



Starting from the swedish wooden frame up to the last link, the construction consists of the best raw materials of the world market. A proof of the quality are the certifications and the warranties that come with it!

Why are they a really economical solution ?

Because company:

• has formed exclusive partnerships for materials like the CanExel cladding and the Swedish planned timber, resulting to better prices

• imports large quantities of raw materials, dropping the cost even more

• saves labour hours by offering the masonry ready – made from the factory, with industrial paint and installed frames

• massively produces the houses in the factory, lowering the production cost

This way and without quality losses, the company can offer the models with a very economical price.