Flexyhome: What is it?

Tested by the National Technical University of Athens, the construction system of company, which has impressed experts and scientists, is covered externally with , creating the series, with houses that correspond to all your needs!

• For a main residence
• For a country house
• For a tourist accommodations
• For every use…

The houses, due to the are characterized by:

a) their great adaptability to all climate zones, even the adverse ones
b) by their resistance to abrupt temperature variations of hot and cold
c) by their great resistance to moisture

The is a product of wood, created specifically for masonry cladding, which is used for decades for big constructions and houses in Europe and America.

• It is specially treated with wax and resins to avoid distortion, bending and aging.
• It is factory painted and has a factory guarantee of 10 years for the color, which can be selected through the company’s color chart to satisfy any taste!

The is a modern series of houses of company, which created several house designs, in order to make them cost efficient but without losing the unparalleled quality and durability of constructions.