NTUA Student Projects

The Kofinas company invests in the development of prefabricated buildings by providing its expertise to students of educational institutions for further analysis and research. These studies provide us new technological orientations while helping new generations of engineers to further involve with the prefabrication sector of Greece.

NTUA Thesis – “Wooden Prefabricated Houses”

NTUA Thesis - wooden prefabricated houses

Proving the non-negotiable principles of Kofinas company regarding constant reasearch and technical knowledge, miss Eugenia Kofina, one of the key members of KOFINAS S.A., studied and presented in a thesis for NTUA technology and construction solutions for prefabricated houses.

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N.T.U.A. student study “Prefabricated wooden masonry”

N.T.U.A. student study

The study was conducted in N.T.U.A. by Pouliasis George, Psycharis Nikolaos,Ntigakis Charalambos,Mpouros Alexandros and Filaretou Filaretos, students from the school of Civil Engineering

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EBEC Athens 2013

EBEC Athens 2013

Kofinas company sponsored and provided its expertise for the engineering contest “BEST Athens” where it took place at the National Technical University of Athens and organized for the third continous time by the local level of the larger engineering competition in Europe, the European BEST Engineering Competition.
The idea of the company was the implementation of a folding retractable-house from the competing construction teams (Team Design).

N.T.U.A. lecture “Sustainable housing with dense and lightweight frame”

N.T.U.A. lecture

The lecture was held and presented at N.T.U.A. by Diamanti Elena and Kofina Eugenia, students from the architecture school of N.T.U.A.

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