Office proposals

Offices of KOFINA SA.

The Kofinas company innovates without resting. Constantly entering new elements in the construction of houses, which are recognized and "are certified", both from our hundreds of satisfied customers and from the National Technical University of Athens. In which the unique building system of the Kofinas company was tested for its durability surpassing any natural limit of endurance. 

As part of a global development, the company has also focused on the energy sector of construction.

The use Swedish wood as the main building material, it makes the residence completely ecological, since in the construction of houses the replacement of conventional building materials is done by wood. Wood reduces carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere by 1.1 tons per cubic meter. Especially when the company works with Swedish and Finnish lumber mills, where for every tree that is cut down, three to five new ones are planted, producing essentially negative carbon footprint.

On top of that, the offices are designed in a way bioclimatic. Ohthrough the openings, the shading systems, the orientation and the mechanical equipment that the necessary internal climatic conditions exist.Eenergy is saved for heating, cooling and lighting.

The above in combination with the coefficient of thermal permeability of the masonry (which even reaches 0,11 W/m2K and succeeds power consumption reduction 75%-80% in relation to conventional masonry).They can demonstrably document why Kofinas company houses have already received energy efficiency certificates A!

In the exhibitions we have created which also function as learning centers for schools and technical schools. You can get to know the "philosophy" and quality of Kofinas houses!