What is FlexyHome?

The tested by National Technical University of Athens company building system , which surprised experts and scientists, is externally invested with and creates it , the residence that meets every need!

• For main residence
• For a country house
• For tourist accommodation
• For every use…

The houses thanks to characterized by:

a) from their great adaptability to all climate zones, even the most unfavorable ones.
b) from their resistance to sudden cold-hot temperature changes.
c) from their enormous resistance to moisture.

The it is a product wood for masonry cladding, which has been used for decades in large constructions and residences in Europe and America.

• It is specially treated with wax and resins so that it does not warp, crease, or age.
• It is factory painted and has a 10-year factory warranty for its color, which is chosen from the company's color chart, to satisfy any taste!

The is state-of-the-art series of company houses , which created specific housing designs so that they are financially but without falling short of the incomparable quality and durability of the company's constructions .