Why should I choose FlexyHome?

Why should I choose it ;

Why the delivered ready with factory paint and its frames installed!

Why the combines it factory manufacturing technology and certified quality of raw materials the company's with the ecological and green building!

Why the enables you to you choose what stage will you get it (simple, basic or full version)!

Why the , without any discount in its quality, constitutes one highly economical proposition in the European market!



All the building blocks that emerged after years of research and multiple experimental tests by the company , are combined with the top quality and durability external lining .

The Investment he's got all the advantages of wood, such as the ease of installation and insulation, without suffering from the phenomenon of distortion of moisture absorption and wear of its finishes.

In addition, the produced by LP's Canadian factory with a highly durable paint coating, which factory installed according to your choice from the company's color chart and requires no further processing!



By Swedish wooden frame even him last link, construction consists of the best raw materials of the world market. Proof of quality is certificates and guarantees that accompany it!

Why are they a highly economical solution?

Because the company :

• created exclusive agencies, such as investment and Swedish planed timber, achieving better prices

• imports large quantities of these raw materials, lowering their cost even more

• saves man hours , delivering the masonry ready from the factory, with factory paint and its frames installed

• mass produce the factory houses, reducing production costs

In this way, the company, without compromising its quality, can offer Flexyhomes at a very economical price.