The KOFINAS SA company, in continuous research and studies that it continues to do together with its specialized team of engineers as well as with its specialized partners, has also dealt with the part of photovoltaics, in order to be able to develop the prefabricated houses that it builds.

Photovoltaic is the industrial arrangement of many photovoltaic cells in a series. That is, they are technical semiconductors, which are joined together to create an electrical circuit in series.

Now you too can win in this way. Because now you can:





The new NET-METERING program allows the consumer (individual or business), through the installation of photovoltaics, to produce cheap electricity by himself and to cover a significant part or all of his electricity consumption with significant financial benefits, protecting him at the same time from future increases in the price of electricity.

The significant benefits of NET-METERING for the consumer is:

  • it protects him from future increases in the price of electricity, because the netting is energy and not accounting
  • exempts him from charging Regulated Charges (ETMEAR-DEDDIE-ADMIE) for the part of the energy he produces 
  • has an increase in the energy category of the property due to energy production from RES and 
  • there is no income from the sale of energy that can be taxed.

The company KOFINAS SA with its partners is your ideal partner in NETMETERING nationwide. Trust our company, with its specialized partners and their many years of experience in the field of photovoltaics. 

See the important financial benefits for businesses & individuals! 

EXAMPLE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL ( Indicative cost of PV system 4.0 kW : €6,000, VAT included) 

In the specific example, the private self-producer has a total benefit of approx 22.000 € in 25 years (as long as the Netting Agreement lasts). 
Electricity purchase price (€/kWh) : 0.185
Annual Performance (Electricity Produced): 6,000 kWh
Payback: approximately 6-7 years Financing: Equity

 EXAMPLE FOR BUSINESS ( Indicative cost of PV system 7 kW : €7,000 without VAT) 

In this particular example, the self-producing firm has a total benefit of approx 36.000 € before taxes in 25 years (as long as the Netting Agreement lasts). 
Electricity purchase price (€/kWh) : 0.165
Annual Performance (Electricity Produced): 10,500 kWh
Payback: approximately 5 years Financing: Equity

 * The assumptions taken into account for the above examples are :1. Energy efficiency 1,500 kWh/kWp , 2. Average annual decline in PV panel productivity 0.6%, 3. Average annual increase in electricity tariffs 2%, 4. Annual operating cost 4% of initial investment (with annual adjustment 1%) and 5. Investment financing with Equity . The return on the investment and the financial benefit depends on: the size of the PV system, the geographical location of the property, the available surface, any shadows on the photovoltaic (adjacent buildings, chimneys, etc.), the amount of energy consumption (the higher , the larger) and the method of financing