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How to build a prefabricated house

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    How a prefab house is built: The continuous production of masonry by the KOFINAS company gives us the advantage of being able to import large quantities of building materials. With the mass import, better prices are achieved and thus we are able to buy the "expensive" (for Greek construction data) building materials which are of the highest quality in the world market.

    Materials such as:

    Masonry timber, which is:

    Sweden Wood
    • Swedish: which means it is very compact.
    • Pine: which means greater resistance to moisture.
    • Dryer: which means that the wood is cured for weeks and disinfected naturally and not chemically (like green wood), while the humidity reaches the ideal, for residential construction, level of 15-16%.
    • Ecological: which means that the wood does not contain chemical loads and that the policy of the Swedish Wood Industry contributes to the absorption of carbon dioxide.
    • Planned: which means that it has perfectly flat surfaces, which, in combination with the factory connections, achieve absolute assembly and zero joints in all the construction parts of the house.
    • Class C24: which means that it has very high mechanical strengths showing up to 80% a higher load-bearing capacity than ordinary construction timber.

    Πιστοποιητικό ποιότητας Σουηδικής ξυλείας κατηγ. Pinus Silvestris


    Swedish timber quality certificate cat. Pinus silvestris

    Πιστοποιητικό οικολογικής παραγωγής της Σουηδικής ξυλείας


    Certificate of ecological production of Swedish timber

    The OSB armoring of masonry, which is:

    Canadian OSB
    • Canadian, factory LP: which means maximum mechanical strength and superior quality worldwide! It is no coincidence that this particular OSB is the first in global production and that in Greece it is imported for your homes by the KOFINAS company.
    • Waterproof: which means it acts as a moisture barrier for the home.

    Πιστοποιητικό Καναδικού OSB


    Canadian OSB Certificate

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