Green House

International certificate of Sustainable Forest Management-FSC® CoC

The company Certificates of the company for prefabricated houses respecting its customers but also the environment, it wanted to look for ways to develop its way of working, and it achieved this once again thanks to its new factory of European specifications. He managed to get one of the most demanding certificates that exist internationally, the FSC®CoC. It is now certified, after the strictest controls, that the company Certificates of the company for prefabricated houses belongs to the cycle of sustainable management of Forests.

Green Banking Portal

The Kofinas company, meeting the environmental, social and economic criteria, was created member of green entrepreneurship on the Green Banking Portal of Piraeus Bank. Piraeus Bank created this space in which businesses and investors interact that are demonstrably related to "Green Entrepreneurship" and more specifically with activities such as:

Green Banking Portal

  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Energy saving
  • Alternative Waste and Water Management
  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Transportation
  • Biological Georgia
  • Ecotourism - Agritourism

Partner timber factory: VIDA AB

KOFINAS SA, through the wood it uses for the construction of its houses, leaves a negative carbon dioxide footprint. Which is positive. It means that the way KOFINAS SA works contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In Sweden where the partner timber mill VIDA AB operates, at least two trees are planted for every tree that is cut down.