Research E.M.P. 2012

Investigation of the application of the KOFINA prefabricated wooden building system in buildings with a number of floors greater than three

The study was funded by G.G.E.T. and was carried out in EMP in 2012.

Four-story building built with the building system of the company KOFINAS – Prefabricated Houses was studied by the scientific team of:

  • Dr. Ch. Mouzakis, Scientific Officer E.M.P.
  • Dr. L. Karapitta, Researcher E.M.P.
  • Dr. B.K. Dertimanis, Researcher E.M.P.

with the aim of expanding the application of the prefabricated wooden buildings of the KOFINAS company in multi-storey constructions, the further acquisition of the company's know-how and the improvement of its competitiveness in the field of constructions.

The technical report of the scientists of the E.M.P. among other things it states the following:

Τεχνική έκθεση των επιστημόνων του Ε.Μ.Π

Benefits for participants
Participants will develop new scientific knowledge, taking into account the response of wooden structures. In particular, KOFINAS S.A. it is expected to have a high utilization of the results, with the construction of a modern and highly competitive structure.
Benefits to society
The final product is expected to be a positive step towards fulfilling the green design philosophy. The cost of the resulting construction will be highly competitive, affordable and attractive to society, with obvious economic and environmental advantages. In addition, the proposed construction will help to reduce misconceptions about wooden prefabs and since the current market is limited, it can lead to its expansion, offering new jobs and increasing competition for the benefit of the consumer.

The proposed framework aims to be the first holistic research in Greece, which will study wooden prefabricated buildings taking into account local environmental conditions and seismic actions.

The exported results will provide KOFINAS S.A. all the necessary knowledge and the corresponding tools to work.

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