Additional seismic resistance experiment of prefabricated houses KOFINAS 2011

KOFINAS 2011 earthquake resistance experiment

Strength test of a three-story structure in the technical office of P. Karydis (professor emeritus of the National Technical University of Athens)

The experiment was carried out on July 2011.

Three-story building built with the company's building system KOFINAS – Prefabricated Houses it was examined virtually using a digital seismic simulator in the technical office of the international professor emeritus of the National Technical University, P. Karydis. The purpose of the experiment was to check the response of the structural system against seismic action.

So, the 2011 another scientific was conducted seismic resistance experiment for the verification and scientific approval of the maximum static of prefabricated of houses KOFINAS:

The success was a result of the technical advantages:
  • Screw, which is robotically placed in all the construction parts of the house.
  • Metal connecting plates, with which we tie the construction.
  • Oversizing, load-bearing organism through mechanical study.
  • Reinforcement, at the stress points through a special static program.

Experiment E.M.P. July 2011 

Continuous development and progress are the ultimate goals of the company KOFINAS Prefabricated Houses. 

For this reason, reassurance has never been a feature of our work. We want to offer excellent quality and always strive to achieve optimal and technologically advanced results. 

Thus, in 2011, another scientific anti-seismic experiment was conducted to verify and scientifically approve the maximum stability of KOFINAS prefabricated houses. 

Παρουσίαση εικόνων της εταιρίας ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ προκατασκευασμένα σπίτια

The digital experiment for seismic resistance KOFINAS!

Following the stability experiment conducted in November 2009, during which a one-story test house of the company, entering the seismic simulator, withstood up to 1.5 g of acceleration while remaining intact, the KOFINAS company wanted to seal this result and go one step further. 

Εξαρτήματα και δομικά υλικά από τα οποία αποτελείται η τοιχοποιία ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ

Thus, in July 2011, again in collaboration with the world-renowned center for measuring seismic resistance in Athens, the National Technical University of Athens, an experimental test was carried out on the renovated structures with the help of an electronic simulator. 

With the use of this machine, a three-story building constructed according to the construction standards of KOFINAS, was examined in terms of its behavior in real seismic data. 

Εξαρτήματα και δομικά υλικά από τα οποία αποτελείται η τοιχοποιία ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ  καθώς και ο τρόπος κατασκευής των κατοικιών.

With the help of the most modern and fully reliable digital systems of static research and study, the KOFINA construction was virtually, through a digital simulator, subjected to seismic vibrations and oscillations that have previously occurred in nature with the most destructive consequences. 

Σεισμικό γράφημα από το πείραμα που διεξάχθηκε στα σπίτια ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ ΑΕ.

Digital Simulation of Fukushima Japan Earthquake 11/3/2011 

Indeed, the excitations with which the three-story KOFINAS structure was simulated, reached 9 Richter, reducing the magnitude of the seismic simulation to the data of the devastating Fukushima earthquake in Japan, in early March 2011. 

Πρώτη προσομοίωση στο τριώροφο  δοκίμιο ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ

Digital Simulation of America's Santa Monica Earthquake 1/17/1994 

Then, equally strong seismic oscillations were carried out on the three-story KOFINAS building through the digital measurement system, reaching the magnitude of 6.7 Richter, according to the data of the earthquake that had previously struck the Santa Monica area in America, on January 17 1994.

Δεύτερη προσομοίωση στο τριώροφο  δοκίμιο ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ

The results of the seismicity test July 2011 

To the company KOFINAS prefabricated houses, as always, we wanted to verify and prove in the most irrefutable scientific way the static strength of our constructions. At the same time, the main goal of the company is to be absolutely sure that our structures remain intact and intact even after an extremely strong earthquake that is likely to result in significant natural and building damages. 

ο τρόπος κατασκευής της τοιχοποιίας ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ

The results of these additional experiments in 2011, conducted as a digital confirmation of the seismic experiment EMP simulator in 2009, once again fully justified the manufacturing standards we follow and the entire company KOFINAS prefabricated houses

The experts' opinion on the seismic resistance of KOFINAS prefabricated houses 

The international professor emeritus of the National Technical University of Athens, Mr. Panagiotis Karydis, documents with his words and his scientific studies the maximum static strength of the KOFINA prefabricated houses. 

The experiment conducted in his office, through the scientific digital simulator system, led him once again to speak publicly about the maximum anti-seismic protection offered by our company's structures. 

Συνέντευξη καθηγητών και σχολιασμός πάνω στα σπίτια ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ -καθώς και σχολιασμός για τα υλικά που χρησιμοποιούνται.

Specifically, stressing that the three-story KOFINAS building was examined and tested according to the most modern regulations and parameters of 2011, he confirmed its over-dimensioning, under the most unfavorable and destructive earthquakes of magnitude 6.7 and 9! 

The strength of the floors of the prefabricated KOFINAS houses  

The experiment on the seismic resistance of our company's buildings proved the absolute durability and stability of the KOFINAS prefabricated houses, even when it comes to a three-story construction. 

Το τριώροφο δοκίμιο που χρησιμοποιήθηκε για το πείραμα.

The indisputable anti-seismicity that our constructions provide on all floors of each building has been scientifically confirmed, since the strength and sturdiness of even the highest floors is equivalent to that of the ground floor, resulting in maximum safety. 

Durable construction materials for KOFINAS prefabricated houses 

The quality of the materials we use in the KOFINAS company in every construction of a prefabricated house was proven once again through this experiment. The fully resistant materials as well as the know-how with which the structural parts of the KOFINAS prefabricated houses are assembled contribute to the completion of completely robust and static constructions, which meet all the requirements for seismic shielding, protection and safety of both the building and the resident. 

KOFINAS earthquake resistance guarantee 

To the company KOFINAS prefabricated houses we serve in every way the quality of our constructions. 

For this reason, at every opportunity we test and certify the data and procedures we follow during the construction and erection of our prefabricated buildings, with the objective of an objective guarantee. 

The scientific certifications that we have secured through experiments are for our company the driving force to continue unfailingly to provide the most qualitative, modern and optimal materials and results in every KOFINAS prefabricated house.