NTUA seismic resistance test for KOFINAS 2009 prefabricated houses

Anti-seismic experiment of prefabricated KOFINAS

The experiment was carried out on November 20, 2009.

Essay on physical scale, manufactured by the company KOFINAS Prefab Houses was tested experimentally with the use seismic simulator of the National Technical University of Athens.

The purpose of the tests was to check the response of the structural system against seismic action.     

The success was a result of the technical advantages:

  1. Screw, which is robotically placed in all the construction parts of the house
  2. Metal connecting plates, with which we tie the construction
  3. Oversizing, load-bearing organism through mechanical study
  4. Reinforcement, at the stress points through a special static program

Details about the KOFINAS SA experiment:

E.M.P. seismic resistance experiment for the KOFINAS 2009 prefabricated houses

Kofinas prefabricated houses are famous for their maximum earthquake resistance. The precise design and careful construction with the appropriate building materials, utilizing the know-how and years of experience, gives our company's houses the guaranteed result of full anti-seismic shielding and static adequacy. 

Antiseismic experiment E.M.P. for prefabricated houses KOFINAS 2009

THE KOFINAS company wanting to prove the great anti-seismic resistance of its prefabricated houses, it tried to certify and practically this advantage of its constructions by conducting a scientific experiment.

In November 2009, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens, her residences KOFINAS Prefabricated Houses were tested on a physical scale using a seismic simulator.

Specifically, in the E.M.P.'s anti-seismic technology laboratory, which is the most recognized and most reliable institution for measuring anti-seismicity, in collaboration with the specialized educational and scientific staff of the University, a seismic test was carried out on a single-storey prefabricated house of the KOFINAS company.  

The test house was assembled directly in the area of the anti-seismic technology laboratory by the experienced construction staff of our company and placed on site on the seismic vibration platform, the so-called seismic simulator of the E.M.P. .

After placing the test house in the simulator, the experiment began in which our test house received successive seismic excitations and oscillations of X and Z directions, to verify its anti-seismic character. 

In this first phase of the experiment, in a total of 16 successive seismic excitations and scaled acceleration vibrations applied to the entire surface and structure of the specimen, the seismic simulator finally developed multidirectional acceleration of up to 1 g! 

But our company KOFINAS prefabricated houses he did not rest with this result and did not stay there. 

Continuing the experiment, adding masses weighing 8 tons, increasing the total weight of the house specimen by 6.5 times more, the process of seismic simulation was repeated with the excitation increasing and reaching in the horizontal X direction the acceleration of magnitude 1.5 g! Even then, the test structure remained intact and perfectly stable. 

The KOFINAS company is the only company in Europe that has conducted an experimental study on its constructions, reaching 1.5 g of strain!

The technical advantages of KOFINAS prefabricated houses 

The technical elements that played the most important and crucial role in the success of the experiment and the unshakable practical proof that KOFINAS prefabricated houses provide comprehensive safety and earthquake resistance are the following: 

1. The wooden frame of the construction with Swedish timber purlins (dryer-fired, class C24) made of approved and sturdy Swedish pine. 

2. Angular, pressing and screwing using a TORX screw driver in factory environment and conditions. 

3.Canadian OSB armoring and masonry sealing making it ready for immediate on-site assembly and installation.

4. The use of the screw to solidify each point of the wooden frame, which is placed based on robotic movements and designs. 

5. The metal connecting plates used for better and safer assembly of the parts of the prefabricated house. 

6. The over-dimensioning of a bearing organism through engineering studies. 

7. The additional reinforcement at the stress points of the entire construction based on a suitable special static program.

The combination of the above structural technical elements, in the test house of the experiment, proved the complete anti-seismic coverage of all the prefabricated houses of the KOFINAS company. 

The results of the experiment on the anti-seismicity of the KOFINA prefabricated houses

Ομάδα καθηγητών του ΕΜΠ που μελετάει το πείραμα των προκατασκευασμένων σπιτιών ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ

The data collected and noted after the end of the experiment were those for which the KOFINAS company guarantees reliable and completely safe constructions. 

In detail, even after the high seismic vibrations that the test house received, it did not show any visible or internal damage. 

Δοκίμιο προκατασκευασμένο   σπίτι ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ, που τοποθετήθηκε στον σεισμικό προσομοιωτήρα

Vertical as well as horizontal excitations with an acceleration of 1 g and 1.5 g failed to cause problems and damage to any of the parts of the entire structure. 

Δοκίμιο προκατασκευασμένο   σπίτι ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ, που τοποθετήθηκε στον σεισμικό προσομοιωτήρα με κείμενο που γράφει η δοκιμή έφτασε σε επιτάχυνση 1,5g κατά τη διεύθυνση Χ.

The doors and windows had not suffered any deformation or damage, and opened with the same ease and comfort as before. At the same time, the walls and the roof, i.e. the general masonry of the test house, after both seismic experiments did not show any change or wear, remaining intact and sturdy as before.

Οι πόρτες και τα παράθυρα δεν είχαν υποστεί καμία παραμόρφωση ή ζημιά, ενώ άνοιγαν με την ίδια ευκολία και άνεση με πριν
The doors and windows of the KOFINAS test house had not suffered any deformation or damage

With these positive results, the unrivaled reliability of our company was proven KOFINAS prefabricated houses. The maximum anti-seismic character of each prefabricated house that is manufactured and assembled in the modern factory environment of our company has been proven. 

Indeed, the design and construction processes followed are the key point for the durability of KOFINAS prefabricated houses. The same specifications were applied to the test house, which undoubtedly and demonstrably withstood the seismic vibrations on a natural scale, without suffering any deformation or destruction.  

The experts' opinion on the seismic resistance of KOFINAS prefabricated houses

The reliable educational and scientific staff of the National Technical University of Athens, after the experiment of the KOFINAS prefabricated houses, spoke publicly about their anti-seismic behavior and armoring. 

Based on the experiment and the study they conducted in the seismic simulator of the university laboratory, the expert scientists of the E.M.P. verified in every possible way the quality and sturdiness of the masonry of the prefabricated houses of the KOFINAS company. Of course, they approved every manufacturing process followed since the tangible practical results spoke for themselves. 

It was found that the test house, placed in the seismic simulator, did not suffer any damage either externally or internally.

δοκίμιο προκατασκευασμένο   σπίτι ΚΟΦΙΝΑΣ, που τοποθετήθηκε στον σεισμικό προσομοιωτήρα

In fact, they came to the conclusion that the KOFINAS prefabricated houses meet every single condition necessary for the maximum strength and durability of the houses in repeated seismic oscillations, with a continuous escalating increase in their sizes. 

At the same time, they emphasized how the fact that the test construction of the KOFINAS company suffered absolutely no damage neither externally nor internally certifies and highlights the quality. 

The zero damages after the 1.5 g acceleration reached by the seismic simulator during the experiment are an unshakable practical proof of the anti-seismicity and safety that the company can provide to its customers, in any seismic area they wish to live a prefabricated house KOFINAS.