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Vasilis Papathanassopoulos

The flexyhome IF-61B I chose for permanent residence is the ideal home for me and my needs.

I will avoid mentioning names so as not to offend anyone, but I will mention that it was a life experience for me to meet and work with the charismatic Mr. Michalis Kofinas and his company.

All the executives and staff of the company that dealt with me did their best for me, so that the end result is flawless, stylish and remarkable.

I felt that these people through their cooperation with me, wanted to highlight the human values ​​of good professionalism, understanding, generosity, consistency, honesty, reliability, good cooperation, friendliness, etc.

I also worked perfectly with the external partners of the company, that is, with experienced and remarkable professionals, and I feel absolutely right that I entrusted them with all the necessary work to receive the house ready for residence.

It seems incredible to me that in a few days my house was not only built with everything necessary, but connected to electricity, water and sewerage.

I am grateful for what you have done for me, thank you all. Have health and good jobs.

Vasilis Papathanassopoulos