Petros Koumoulos Family

The KOFINAS company reciprocated our scrutiny for a reliable home with the best way possible. Within a month our house in Istiaia Evia was delivered as planned. We even enjoyed our vocations in it.

The company went to even further depths than agreed, and I would say that the philosophy of Kofinas company: Politeness, generosity, reliability are obvious among the company personnel.

Believing that the company did the best for my home it won’t wait long before I appraise it.

I thank Michalis, Kostas, Eugenia, Pigi, Andreas, Antonis, (Dimitraki), Christos, Sergio, Dimitri (Louis), Kostas, Nikos, Panagiotis and Giannis for our flawless cooperation.

Petros Koumoulos Family

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here