Konstantinos Bogatsos

Eventually my instinct was right when I trusted the KOFINAS company for the construction of a holiday house in Salamina. When I met Michalis Kofinas, I was impressed by the clean look of his eyes and the dedication to his work.

He is the person you can trust, he makes the best deals for the client, he keeps his word and he loves helping you out every time you need it!

The goodness, the kindness and his respect are elements that distinguish his character.

Our cooperation was excellent. The house (two-story 64 sqm) was constructed in a very short time, in fact within one and a half months, at a time when I experience health problems and I could not be there to watch the procedure of the construction.

And yet the whole family of KOFINAS, stood beside me and completed the project as I wanted without leaving repair works or other obligations…

It is no coincidence that neighbors and local residents admired the work and said that this is the nicest house in the area! Indeed, the skill of the company and the superior design, brought an excellent result!

Michalis Kofinas and his family, in a period of intense economic crisis, struggling to keep their business going, I consider them as real friends now!

Konstantinos Bogatsos
Journalist, member of ESHEA

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here