Zografou Konstantina

Dear Mr. Michael
I am very pleased to write this letter, which means that you have finished what I have commissioned to your company or more correctly that I have trusted in your hands “my house”, so I want to thank you, but also to encourage anyone who interested, without a second thought, to come to you.

Thank you that you proved I was wrong.

Finally I came to the conclusion, building a house together became a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

During the whole construction of the house you were flawless with kindness, respect and morality, without sophistication and inaccuracies, your people were experienced and highly-trained, everyone in his field, from the representatives of the company to the scientific and technical staff.

Everything that was agreed, have been complied more than I expected, in every stage of the contraction you helped me, guided me and reassured me and at the end you have pleased me completely with the result.

Anyone who saw my beautiful house relevant or not of the construction, praised it.

Those that stood out in particular were the technical characteristics, materials that were used, the method of the construction and the insistence on detail.It is one of the few times that the economy is combined with the speed of the contraction and quality.

Everyone has worked with passion, love and positive energy. I would go again through the same process to build a house with you, because what you say you do so, your promise is like a verbal contract.

Mr. Michalis I thank you, especially I thank my engineer and your staff. I hope you are all well and keep building beautiful houses for the people.

Zografou Konstantina

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here