Soufis Gerasimos - Marianthi Papaioannou

Soufis Gerasimos – Marianthi Papaioannou

We thank you very much for the house you made for us, completely finished, with kitchen equipment’s, hollows in bedrooms and with the verandas as it was agreed. The time of the delivery was followed according to the contract.

The progress of the construction was intentional, and the people were very reliable during the construction.

The workers were kind, honest and associable. There was a good understanding between us and the constructor. The foreman accomplished his duties correctly!

We also tried to please them with good will and friendliness for them to be able to work better and easier.

We thank them again very much.

The owners,
Soufis Gerasimos – Marianthi Papaioannou

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here