House construction at Mesagro of Aegina – Impressions

We wanted to build a small house at Mesagro of Aegina but we had second thoughts because as citizens of Athens, with lots of obligations and intense way of living, we were afraid that we wouldn’t have the time and the courage for a beginning a construction.

That’s why we thought a prefabricated house solution. After several contacts we had with house constructors we decided to build our house with the Kofinas Company, a company we trusted because of its long time experience. The result of our corporation proved that we were right.

After the expected waiting for the permit of our house, the construction finally begun. We were told from the company that the construction period would last approximately 25 days. By this time in our questions about the quality of the materials and the house insulation they were answering that we would be excited when the house would be ready. We thought that this was an exaggeration, because we are suspicious customers, as most of us today. We believed that all these big words were told for the promotion of the product.

Today, that the work is done and the house is completed we can certainly say that we choose people who were absolute consistent in all of our agreements. The cost that we firstly agree didn’t change at all, and this is very important for someone who has a standard budget and wants to complete his house with this. The house was finally constructed in 19 days! The quality and the materials of the construction were great. The workers were perfectly tuned and because of this no time was wasted. We should also to congratulate the people who worked in the construction. They were polite, cooperative and willing to accommodate all of our reasonable requests.

We sincerely thank Kofinas Company. We suggest them to anyone who wants to build a house and while we will enjoy our new place we will remember them for our harmonious cooperation.

Nea Smirni
Aris Lazaridis – Computer programmer
Domna Hatzigiannakou – Teacher

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here