Angeliki Vasilaki

We are in Porto Rafti seven years now and it is the first time we live in a new prefabricated house from the KOFINAS company.

We lived for about thirty years in Nea Smirni where we had bought a ground floor apartment in a building in which very often a staff of the construction company was coming, sometimes an electrician, sometimes a tile or flooring technician and the entire construction cycle for often damage.

They said that we are not cautious enough and a host of other excuses in order to get their daily wage from us, the naives, and to conceal the poor workmanship that adorned all the apartments of “luxurious construction”… straggling with the water when it was raining… and much more…

The last seven years we realized that all suffering from poor construction was intentional.

We are now available of anyone who wants see “the wonder” of our prefabricated house from KOFINAS company, everything was made with care without poor workmanship and shoddy work!

As the years passed, we did not believe that we would not need absolutely no repair without having to relive the parade of all workmen for construction problems.

We live in a very beautiful area, Porto Rafti, having the sea so close and so rich vegetation.

With the knowledge, experience and love of the KOFINAS family, now we have a strong, beautiful, functional and safe home, without a trace of moisture, the constant fear of the residents.

So we thank from the bottom of our heart the Kofinas company, the family Nick, Michael, Kostas , Pigi and all the contractors for showing diligence, care and love in this house, for making easy and pleasant the recent years of our lives listening to the birds in the morning in a safe and healthy home, enjoying a sudden rain without the stress in which we had learned to live!!!

Angeliki Vasilaki
Retired of the Ministry of Public Order

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here