Stelios – Irini and young Eleanna

Dear Mr. Michael and Mr. Niko,
Many years ago, at the end of the 70s, as a little kid, I was taken by my grandfather for a walk at Zappeion in order to see the first prefabricated houses exhibition that took place at the forecourt.

Since then, the idea of getting a “little house on the prairie” for me was planted in my head, while ecstatically looking at a sign reading “Kofinas brothers”…

The years went by, but the dream did not fade away and it managed to come alive in a little prairie at Neo Pyrgo of northern Evoia, from the same people that my children’s eyes read decades ago on the same sign which they now read in front of my own “little house on the prairie”…

Thank you for keeping my childhood dream alive for all these years and for making it come true, with professionalism, sincerity, method, quality and, of course, speed!

I wish you keep bringing dreams to life and responding to the expectations of young and old people, as well as personal and family success and prosperity to all members of the “Kofinas” family and to your wonderful partners and smiling crews!

Friendly yours,
Stelios, Irini and young Eleanna!

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here