Irene Konsta

Irene Konsta

When I visited Kofinas Prefabricated Houses after a long search… I decided to build my own house on top of my family’s 2-story conventional building. Why?

Because of the professionalism, the construction quality, the advanced methods and the environmental respect of the company…

Under the “Kofinas” brand, you can only write the best.

But do not omit to add: Sincerity, promptness, kindness, morality, reliability, speed, economy, innovation, consequence, excellent cooperation…

All the above mean “Kofinas”, and were taken into account.

So I decided to surround my dreams, my music and the notes of my life by the beautiful house they built for me…

Irene Konsta
Lyric Soprano

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here