Ioanna Yfanti

Dear Michalis,
I start to write this letter with pleasure. Wish to express my enthusiasm for the beautiful house that we made, because we did it together, and my joy because really, the whole process from the construction of this house has left me only a feeling of satisfaction.

Our holiday house is now a reality ,after it finished and handed over me exactly one week before the April 22, is on Kastos of Lefkada, a small island forgotten by time, which means that the conditions were not the most easy to build a house.

But you, starting from you Mr. Mihalis, with enthusiasm, professionalism, courtesy and your positive energy helped us to plan and implement it!

Our cooperation was excellent! The delivery time was much faster than the date we agreed, as well the construction and materials were exactly what we said.

But above all I want to congratulate you for your colleagues! The team of the people, who constructed the house, was perfect! The morality, the ability, the professionalism, the good sense of humor, the cooperation, the competence and the consistency is some of the advantages I can mention with a few words.

They worked uncomplaining to have the house ready not only as soon as they could but paying attention to the tiniest detail. I realy felt the house was built by my friends, who wanted to be perfect, as much as I did.

I saw the good construction of the house, but I will experience it over time as we start to live in it and enjoy moments of tranquility and relaxation away from the daily routine.

I really believe, publishing the letters written by your customers, is the best advertisement that you could have, because having confidence in your construction, and the professionalism of your personnel, you are sure that your customers will be satisfied and will write the best.

Well, we also, me and my husband, are between the satisfied and happy owners of a beautiful holiday house, you helped us to obtain.

Be always well and continue to offer such good service.

Yours sincerely
Ioanna Yfanti

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here