Pitsinelis Dimitris - Maxidou Magda

Pitsinelis Dimitris – Maxidou Magda

Everybody’s dream is to have a house to live in and to enjoy every moment of his life with his family and friends. Our choose of a prefab house was mainly based on the short time of the construction comparing to the concrete house.

We have found and chosen KOFINAS company from the internet. They have, we think, the most organized site from other companies.

After our first contact of course, the reasons were the pleasant and very kind environment and also the professionalism of the company and its people.

Our house was finished quicker than we expected, maybe with less money but exactly the way we had dreamed of, functional, comfortable, sunny and well-ventilated.

The quality of the construction is excellent. A house made of ecological materials, mostly the timber for better isolation. Very important was also the direct communication with the construction team. There is a very good understanding between us for anything that comes into question in the future.

I recommend unconditionally.

Porto Rafti
Pitsinelis Dimitris
Maxidou Magda