Kostas Laskaridis

It is true that until then, we had made a long research; we spent a lot of time, but without results.

When we met you we started an excellent cooperation with suggestions and solutions, always adjusted to our demands and needs. Our desire was fulfilled and today we enjoy our holiday house without problems.

That was a good cause for my son 20 years later to uncharged to you – Kofinas Company for us is guarantee – the construction of a modern leaving unit, adjusted to today’s necessities and commands for permanent residence.

Our cooperation, for one more time, was perfect. Everything we said and everything we agreed were kept to the contract. You made for us a modern and functional house, but most of all a beautiful house!

My friend Mihali thank you,
Kostas Laskaridis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

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