Mimis and Rania Giannopoulou

The house was the result of much thought and love. As each home came to house the dreams and hopes of a family. Fortunately for us we did a nice start, without difficulties, thanks to your company. From the beginning you gave us politely, hospitality and willingness.

The consequence of your words, in a short period of time, came true. The house was built and finished without realizing it. Mr. Kofinas was omnipresent and ready to help even in the smallest detail, with the charisma of communication and his smile.

Besides, he has built thousands of homes. We build with our life savings. We cannot describe feelings in words, in a short letter.

Today we enjoy our beautiful countryside house, the most beautiful house in the world.

By estimating,
Mimis and Rania Giannopoulou

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here