Stavroula – Nikos Mattheou

We were very interested in building a house in Katelio of Kefalonia and after a long research we chose KOFINAS company. The reason we decided to choose mr Kofinas was that from the first moment he was completely associable and he promised that everything would be the way we wanted on time.

We were very thrilled and at the same time afraid that it was to good to be true.

All the procedures were perfect with mr Kofinas guidance and the house was finished on time and exactly the way we planted. Some of the details we had forgotten, they were suggested by him.

It has been now almost 5 years since then, the house has no problem and when we look at it we say:

It is very good and it is true!We thank you very much for everything, hope you are all well.With appreciation
Stavroula – Nikos Mattheou

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here