Dimitris Petrellis


With the completion of the construction of our home dock, I would like to thank you for your conscientiousness with an impressive result. I will refer to the following points:
  • At the time of construction that was within the agreed limits, that is 35 days for 130 square meters of housing.
  • Co-ordination between your partners was exemplary and we were not tired at any stage of construction.
  • Excellent build quality – and certified – according to the certificates you issued and to the opinion of our friendly technicians.
  • The behavior of your workshops was extremely professional and impeccable at all levels.
  • The answers to all our questions, flawless and specific.

Although I am spiteful in good words, I must confess that KOFINAS is “worth it”.  

Finally, speaking with friends and relatives, I welcome our cooperation with a special mention to your partners, starting with:  

<< all weather and ubiquitous >> POLYGERAGE, Kostas Kofinas.

Also to the artist and multi-talented Theodoris and to all of your people who worked with us, to your daughter Eugenia and to the silent work of your brother Nikos and daughter Pigi.  


Dimitris Petrelis


Please share my letter with Messrs. Nikos and Kostas Kofina.

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