Hamid Motamedi

I’m an Iranian engineer that is currently living on the beautiful coast of Viyeti near Athens. I have had the experience of building multiple houses in Los Angeles, Tehran, and lately in Viyeti.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Kofinas team helping me with building my dream house in Greece. The Kofinas team is composed of the most friendly group of professionals that can help you with all aspects of your construction; from foundation to swimming pool and landscaping. My personal experience with Kofinas team has been the most memorable one amongst all of my construction experiences. They were friendly, reasonably priced, responsible, and always on time from the excavation, foundation, framing(prefabricated walls and pieces), plumbing & electrical, finishes such as cabinetry, tile works, plaster and painting through swimming pools and gorgeous landscaping. Every single contractor that was selected by Mr. Kofinas was great; however, the most friendly, helpful, and wonderful person was Mr. Kofinas himself that personally arranges and supervises every step of the construction alongside you.

I recommend the Kofinas team to anyone who is planning on building their dream house in Greece.

Hamid Motamedi

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519 Mesogeion Avenue, Aghia Paraskevi, Attika
T: +30 210 6081307
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