Apostolia and Katerina Karpouzopoulou

Our first picture with KOFINAS company started with the already finished home of my sister and groom in Porto Rafti, from which we were surprised by the result and the delivery time. Then, my mother and I said we should dare to realize our own “dream”.

Our personal contact with the company began in October 2017, when we closed the deal. It took a long time, unfortunately, for the demolition and construction permits to be issued by the civil engineer of the company (GC), resulting in a delay for the time of delivery of the house.

This delay created a number of thoughts from our side, but when the work started, in early August 2018, the optimism and the smile on our lips came back to see that our dream is gradually being realized.

All the people who worked for the construction of our home were pleasant, eager, helpful and we thank you very much for it.

The foreman of the company, Artemis Kavalaris, was the main pillar of our home and its realization. He was very communicative and cooperative. For everything we needed or wanted, he was always close to us in order to fulfill our desires. Throughout this time, Eugenia Kofina helped us very much, who was always smiling and willing to help and give us a quick and effective solution to any problem that arose.

The only complaint we could express on our part and for future avoidance of complaints to the company was the absence of our civil engineer in the construction of the house.

The delivery time, from the moment the construction works on our land started, took about 40 days, as confirmed. In September 2018, we were finally found with our new home.

The result is the image of the house. And the image, is what we had really dreamed of.

We thank Kofinas company for the realization of our dream …

Apostolia & Katerina Karpouzopoulou