Argiris Demertzis

Argiris Demertzis

In my teenage years was heresy to move around with, a motorcycle and playing billiard. Today travel by motorcycles dominate the Greek cities, and most people evaluate that to score in a billiard needs thought, concentration and also to discipline the mind and body.

In my youthful years was heresy to believe in collectives and traditional values, turning our back on the individual sayings and consumer fads. Today we all recognize the problems of individuality and on official statistics we count the cost the pain and misery of human greed and aggression.

In the middle age anymore, my choice to have with my family a small house in the countryside, in search of a reliable, an affordable, and a friendly to the human and the environment solution was the choice of prefabricated house. I searched and confirmed that the best of their kind is Michalis and Nickos along with other partners. For many, the solution remains a heretic. But it is a quality and yet practical and economical solution as the vehicle for the city.

This solution needs mood for gaming like in the billiards. You need a decision force against incumbent logics that are leading you to a dead end and to is the new that deserves the best, without cost.

Michalis and Nikos continue the effort.

Argiris Demertzis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here