House in Porto Rafti

The construction of a new home is not a simple matter, it needs a series of formal and practical actions that should be organized in order to have a correct and economical construction result. Kofinas makes this process as easy as possible and from the very beginning of the design of the house up to its delivery everything went well and pleasantly and delivery was made at the agreed time. The company’s guarantee is additional security for the future. The co-ordination of the crews was impeccable and with little intervention on our part the result was very good. We built the house we always wanted, a modern small house of 81sqm with large windows and, so far, our stay there has confirmed our opinion in the best way. Special attention is paid to the impeccable insulation and how warm we are in the winter with very low heating costs.

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519 Mesogeion Avenue, Aghia Paraskevi, Attika
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