Giorgos Papaioannou

KOFINAS services rating


In general, we were pleased with the services provided by Kofinas and the quality of the people in the company as well as the crews. There was good coordination of the crews during the project and they all seemed experienced and cooperative.

I would like to thank Georgios Halas for his good communication and excellent cooperation in the field of permit issuance and study. George is a very positive man with great patience.

I would also like to thank Christos Zafiridis who was very good at his work, which is to supervise the project, he had everything in his mind and made very good coordination (as good as possible) of the whole process. He was also very cooperative and always available.


I would suggest, after the signing of the contract, that a timetable will be given to the client (in writing) to be able to know all the steps to be taken and when this should be done. This will help avoid hasty decisions (like “we need to decide about x, y, z issue until tomorrow”).

Also (for reasons I do not precisely know), the construction timeline stayed behind the initial estimation (the project started on September 2017 and ended late November 2017). I had in mind that everything should have ended in 45 days to 2 months.

It would be very important for me to have a 3D hologram of the house with the selected exterior colors, as well as the surrounding area, so that I could make some better and more complete decisions. This way we could have avoided the mistake made in the exterior colors of the house (we had asked for a light gray, like the house in the exhibition, and yet the house came out “broken” white and this color resembled nothing to the exhibition house in Agia Paraskevi). In the same manner, 3D imaging would be useful for indoors and especially for the kitchen. Since these homes are built similarly for all owners, they can be done once and then configured on the computer accordingly.

With appreciation,

Giorgos Papaioannou