Konstantinos Mageiras


To the executives and employees of KOFINAS SA


Michalis, Eugenia, Kostas, Christos,

…employees & partners of KOFINAS SA

…My father always told us that if you do not build a house and do not get your daughter married, you have not lived a real life… My view, as an engineer, is that the construction of a house is one more project, whose result is subsequent to preparation, planning and, of course, the budget that has been made…

And now, the reality. For many years, we (my family and I) had a life dream, to build a new house, in place of our old & small cottage in Artemida, Attica …

However, through the general economic difficulties that we have been lately experiencing, this dream seemed almost elusive … But since desire sometimes prevails over worry, the dream is to become a reality. And, actually, in record time…

KOFINAS SA built our home and I was personally involved in design, studies and supervision.

And since I had already designed my house, its image was already in my imagination and in all the plans that I made and revised for several years…

Believing that reality is difficult to reach imagination…, I was eagerly expecting the outcome of our efforts. And what I have to say is that it surpassed both my imagination and my expectations.

For this result, the people of KOFINAS SA carry a big share of “responsibility”, since they helped us at all stages of construction. They corrected any deficiencies we identified and were always there with their experience and advice.

Apart from the advice, however, I have to say the best about the materials and the construction techniques they use and apply, which are excellent and of high quality.

I want to thank all the executives and employees of our company, not only for the result that even surpassed our expectations, but also for another serious and essential reason … that I managed and kept the total cost within my budget. Something I’ve had great anxiety about …


Konstantinos Mageiras & Aggeliki Tseremi

P.S. The following poem, by Kostis Palamas, expresses me and touches me for many years now… I dedicate it to you and I hope it means something for you too …

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