Krokkos – Karpouzopoulou

To Kofinas company

Captain Michalis, Mr. Nikos

With great anguish we started to make a dream come true and fortunately we came across your company, where all your partners, from the first to the last, played a key role in this dream becoming a reality and not a nightmare.

Mr. Michalis or Captain Michalis, Mr. Nikos, I want you to know that you are part of the dream along with the whole team.

George (Halas, engineer), you are among the most polite, competent and honest people I’ve ever met!

Eugenia (Kofina), I believe that your kindness will promote your company even more!

Kostas (Kofinas), what can I say, you are the alpha and the omega of our house!

Christos (supervising engineer), thank you, without you, we would still be looking for imperfections!

Pigi (Kofina), quiet power of economics.

We thank you and we wish you health and strength!

PS. The wise old saying that “if you do not build a house (or get married) you do not know what it means to be on the run”, with you as constructors, is simply invalid!!!