Kaiti – Dimitris

Dear Mr Kofinas,

Wanting to fulfill one of my mother’s and my own life dream, to build a country house by the sea, I started a small online survey for construction companies to form a preliminary idea of the trends that exist in this market. I was particularly impressed by your site because it captures a different corporate physiognomy and organization with high quality and aesthetic standards.

After our meeting, my positive impressions were verified, since from the beginning we had mutual trust on your face and your company, governed by human warmth and genuine humanistic philosophy.

Following that, and during a difficult period of my life, I decided to trust your company to build my cottage house in Evia.

During our collaboration, I was absolutely delighted by the excellent quality of the materials used, the direct solutions that were always available from you and your colleagues to tackle any emergency problem, the respect of my personal aesthetic choices, the speed of implementation of the project, the short delivery time, your kindness, your human behavior, the flexibility, the excellent professional training, the organizational ability and experience of all your collaborators (offices, construction site , Garages, etc.).

With your help my cottage house was completed within the planned time limits and is a beautiful house with great aesthetics and functionality, well-made to the last detail, which fully meets my personal needs and expectations.

Thanks to you, my mother will see her dream come true and I thank you warmly for this.

I wish wholeheartedly that you keep your warmth, your human personality that is so rare nowadays and which inspires the generous philosophy and robust professionalism throughout your company, which, I am sure, will “accommodate” many more dreams of our fellow people.

Thank you very much
With appreciation
Kaiti – Dimitris
March 2017