Elias Syrios

Dear Mr Kofinas,

On the occasion of the delivery of our house in Mani, we want to
express our sincere thanks to your staff and you personally.

We thank you for realizing our dream house which we wanted to have for us and our children.

The cooperation with your company was a pleasant surprise for us. The whole process of construction was an absolute professionalism experience
of you and your crew, sincere and honest. Your professionalism, your interest in our personal
preferences, your respect for our choices and aesthetics as well as the efforts of all of you to satisfy them was only ideally in our minds as the
role of the proper engineer – architect – manufacturer. You are those who have demonstrated to us that this role can actually exist and in reality, you are the ones that did not negotiated at any moment the quality of the structure, while your engineers, always present in their work, were there to correct whatever needed, with politeness, without ever saying “no, impossible”, you organized well your crew and so they worked with real care and smile and finally they delivered a house literally perfect in every respect.

It should be noted that in the economic field we felt that every euro we were paying deserved to be paid and we never felt deceived.

Finally, we consider the happiest of circumstances, especially now that the lack of morality and consistency dominate bothersomely everywhere around us, to get to know you and work with you.
It is certain that we would not be able to settle for anything less and we could not ask for anything more.

We have a saying – “if you do not build … you do not understand what life is.”
You are the exception to this “rule” and we can say with confidence that thanks to your “building”, we continue to “ignore what life is”.

For all that we briefly mention, we thank you from the heart and we wish you to stay well and continue to share generously, with your works, the joy you have given to our family.

With appreciation,
Charis and Elias Syrios

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